onsdag 6 november 2019

Hunger flat/Hungerhammare...

Do as Bauke Mollema and my brother, eat regularly
to avoid getting hunger flat.

...is another name for getting very VERY hungry while out (or indoors for that matter) cycling.
Today it happened to me when I instructed a cycling class at the gym.
It´s not pleasant at all to feel all the power you have in your legs and body disappear in just a few seconds and sometimes almost getting dizzy.

I imagine while riding 5000 km across America there will be plenty of opportunities to have hungerflats if we don´t eat and drink properly. 

If that happens here at home, the proper way to deal with it is to turn around and go back home as quickly as possible and refill on energy.
Or...if you´re not very close to home, stop at the nearest store and buy a fair amount of Coca-Cola and candy and just eat like there is no tomorrow.
Or..as today, if you´re indoors I got rescued by a kind participant who handed me a bar right after the class ended. THANK YOU!

BUT, what if it happens in the middle of....let´s say Nebraska...what the heck do we do??
Well, we will for sure carry food on our bikes and a lot of snacks (with a lot of sugar in it), just to avoid those scary moments when you feel all your strength just fade away.
So to just stop and have a feast of whatever we can put in our mouths will be top priority.

And from what I´ve learnt about our route through the US so far, there won´t be many parts where food and snacks will be unaivalable. The areas we will ride through will be populated, maybe not like here in Sweden but we will (I think) pass cities or villages almost every day.
Otherwise we´ll just carry enough until next opportunity to re-stock.

Though, even if we carry enough food, eating it on a regular basis is also (of course) a priority.
Waiting until you feel hungry and...BOOOM....the hunger flat might be coming.

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