söndag 27 november 2022

Diary of a cycle tour day 15-23

Sunday 19-Tuesday 21/6:

Rest Days Boise.

Tough days in Boise where we rested Sunday and cycled away Monday but we turned around. Tried to rent a car up the road to have something to aim for later. But we cancelled and booked two nights at the same hotel as before.

Homesickness held Veronika in a tight grip and it only got worse and worse. After thinking and thinking even more, she felt that she wanted to go back home.

I would continue cycling though if I wanted to. And I really wanted it. This is a once in a lifetime adventure that I really want to give a chance.

Veronika booked a flight to NYC via Dallas. From there on Saturday on to Gbg via Amsterdam.

Even though there were obviously supertough times in Boise we also had a great time there. The weather was awesome. A Saturday afternoon at a restaurant with food, great atmosphere and a beer-tasting that was a "big bite we almost didn't manage to chew". We´re not used to that big beer tasting-glasses to say the least.

Wednesday 22/6:

Boise-Ten Mile Campground. 77.8 km.

Emotional days were followed by an emotional morning when Veronika would take the taxi to the flight. It hit full force and there were no easy steps back up to the room to get myself and the bike ready to ride off later. Ugh ugh ugh!!

Took the route past AT&T to arrange a prepaid simcard as my Swedish subscription ends in 10 days and I don't know when I will reach a city with the opportunity to arrange it next.

Rolled out towards Idaho City. Even though it's called City, only 408 people live there.

Maybe a nice place but really stingy DAMNERS in the store anyway. At most they wanted to refill one of my bottles. "We sell water here".

Had to buy it then for #¤&#%%&# sake!!!!

Rolled on slightly uphill for about 14-15 km and turned into a campsite and spent the night.

Tomorrow it will be more and steeper uphill and a utopian thought is to reach the town/village of Stanley. But, as I said, it's a long way up there.

By the way, got a puncture today but last Sunday we were at the Trek Store in Boise and they filled our tires with "puncture fluid" which did the job. Just inflated the tire a little and it works so far. Not going to try to push in more air. Something will probably go wrong then :-)

Thursday 23/6:

A chilly night but still ok sleep it felt like. Had a strange dream though.

The morning began with hot coffee and oatmeal. Yum.

The cycling day began uphill with an undetermined destination. Defeated the first of three mountain peaks for the day in good spirits. Rolled well up the second as well. Both at over 2000m as far as I can understand. Down to Lowman where I topped up with a Coke and a small can of Pringles. Talked to the guy behind the counter, he confused Norway with Sweden and apologized. After all, he had been to Sweden and Denmark on a train trip before the money ran out. But Norway remained on his list. With all the fjords.

Got a tip about a good place to eat a little outside the village. It was good. Funny waitress and good hamburgers. In addition, I chatted with another cyclist who was in a competition called something like "the Transamerican Race". Portland-Washington DC. He had started on Sunday so he had been doing some serious distances. We wished each other good luck before I sat down and ate and he left.

Loaded with calories I headed for my third mountain climb. 36 km uphill. Now I had decided that today's goal had to be Stanley. Just going for it, but it was a long ride to the top. Once up there, I met a German couple who were out on a motorbike. They average 250 km/day and had started the day in Ontario, Oregon. We were there last Friday……but I think we see more of the views along the road than they do!

The descent wasn't as steep downhill as I thought. Went down in stages, then flat and even uphill.

20 km to go I had to panic stop to fill up with water. On a hot day, you need to top up all the time. Don't know how many liters were used today.

Rolled into Stanley anyway, went back and forth a bit, but then I got a tent spot at Mountain Village. 40 dollars though, for a small spot of grass, no showers or anything. A robbery in my opinion.

A quick rinse in the river, up with tent, in with gear in it. Complete the pasta at the mercantile and then have a hearty supper. Now calm in the tent and wondering if it will be as cold tonight.

The days are warm but it cools down quickly when the sun goes down. Have to dress warmly in the sleeping bag. Better safe than sorry. Good night.

Friday 24/6:

The idea was to cycle about 11 km to a hot spring and chill there on Midsummer Eve. But that spring was in the wrong direction....

Amateur map reading.

So it was exchanged for 94 km cycling. 90% downhill. Tailwind. What an "eriksgata". Stopped and replenished energy at regular intervals. No rush. Enjoy enjoy enjoy is the mantra.

Talked to a Park Ranger about this and that, including bears and that he wants to go to Sweden and walk the King's Trail.

A lovely day on the bike even though yesterdays effort still hurt in my legs. Have to think about filling up more energy in between.

Ended up at a motel in Challis.

Pizza would have been good for midsummer but it had closed permanently so it was hamburgers both for lunch and supper.

Now wrestling, chips and a lazy evening celebrating Midsummer Eve in small town america.

Saturday 25/6:

A quiet midsummer day´s morning at the motel. No rush to get away. All I knew was that I would somehow get to experience the community of Mackay.

After breakfast, FaceTime with the sweetheart a couple of times. The connection broke all the time for some reason, and after a bit of taking it easy in the room, I rolled away. Stopped and bought Bear Spray and stocked up on Clif Bars.

Calm cycling in a tailwind to begin with. Started going uphill a bit after a while, and up, and up, and up. To almost 2200 m!!!!

The motel owner had even warned of an uphill on the road. But….

Although the descent afterwards was not bad at all! Worth every single height meter. Fantastico!!

Speeds into Mackay and fills up with water, , a baguette, coke and snacks. Talked to the nice business owners and then rode on after lunch.

Downhill but against the wind. You son of a biscuit!!!!

The idea had been to stay in Mackay but I felt good so I aimed for Arco, regretted a bit in the headwind. "Only" 39 km so it went well. Had hopes that I would be able to camp in a park in the community.

A woman I asked didn't think it was ok, there are signs here about "No overnight camping" she said. But the only thing I saw was "No overnight parking". Read properly maybe?

At 10 pm I hear cars and people and think that now it's life. Bright lights come on and I think what the h-ll is happening. It's just that my tent site is next to a baseball field and the teenagers were eager for a spontaneous game on Saturday night, so they lit up and played a game.

Seems to be a bit of the "village's" gathering place. But it is monitored by cameras so it is probably quiet.

Sunday 26/6:

Rest day in Arco.

Rest day. Great.

Certainly good for the body too.

Then tough and a bit boring.

Bad thoughts began to creep in. A bit depressing when there was so much time to think about other than all the impressions you get when you sit on the bike.

Missing, longing. A little gloomy tonight.

Surely also a consequence of a less good night's sleep. The sprinklers went on here in the middle of the night and sprayed the tent like every two minutes, so it was almost impossible to sleep between 01-04.

Still managed to come up with some good things. Changing route tomorrow. In that way, about 2,000 meters of altitude is lost. Enter Rexburg instead of Idaho Falls tomorrow em/evening. Slightly longer day tomorrow. 145 instead of 111 km. But on Tuesday I earn it in height meters.

Now supper.

Monday 27/6:

Hottest day so far. Around the 30 C mark an hour or two in.

Stopped in a sunny and flat place, then it quickly rushed up to 43 C. It was a quick sortie from there.

Otherwise, the day seemed to pass by with no hick ups. Felt good all the time. Ate and drank. Ate and drank. Important.

The most delicious pizza of the trip for lunch. Could only manage 4 out of 8-9 slices.

I've hardly seen so much cheese in total in my entire life haha.

Stopped at the beginning of the city of Rexburg for coke and salty chips. Thought about continuing to pedal for a while vs. going to the bike shop and getting the chain cleaned and oiled and then taking the night off. The latter won. Found my way after many ifs and buts the Eagle Campground. Cost $10 but there were no envelopes to put money in where it said there would be so….a free night.

Tomorrow a slightly shorter but slightly more hilly bike ride to Jackson.

Nice feeling in the body like this after a shower under a tap and plenty of food.

fredag 23 september 2022

Diary of a cycle tour day 8-14.

Sunday 12/6 Day 8:

Dayville-John Day. 49.9 km.

Today both we and the ”California woman” biked to John Day. After a food stop on a church staircase we lost her and never saw her again. We stopped at the Sunset Inn in John Day and watched NCSI Sunday. To be continued episodes all evening.

Monday 13/6 Day 9:

John Day-Prairie City. 22 km.

Not a good day. Heavy heads.

We aimed for Prairie City, it was cold, windy and miserable conditions. Got passed by a camper van with bikes on the back. Just noted it superficially, but it would play a big role later.

We arrived and checked the towns only hotel. No vacancy. Curtain down. Hopelessness gripped us for about 30 seconds.

Then a woman came up to us and said, "You can sleep in our camper van, we will stay at the hotel". 

She was the one who had passed us in the camper before.

Her name is Cathy, and her husband Phil and their friend Melissa are also out cycling c2c. 

We must have looked like question marks, completely taken off guard, until we got something out of our mouths, that yes, we would love to do that :-)

We had coffee in a cozy cafe with home baked goods and then we ate Mexican food in a cold restaurant. Not nice after a cold ride. Veronika then went to rest in the RV.

Such nice and generous people. They offered snacks and pleasant conversation in the hotel lounge. They also taught me two new card games and a day in misery turned out good in the end.

Tuesday 14/6 Day 10:

Prairie City-Baker City. 107 km.

Today Phil and Melissa were going to bike to Baker City. I hung on, especially as Cathy took all my bags, as well as Veronika with her in the car.

She also told Veronika to cancel our hotel in Baker City and stay with them at an air b'n'b instead.

Three tough climbs were on the schedule, them on roadbikes and I on a gravel, so I pushed ahead because I thought they would catch up in time for the first peak. But look, they didn't. 

Stopped and relieved pressure and put on extra clothes for downhill cycling. Then it starts snowing, and Cathy and Veronika whizzed by when I was a little way off the road.

Lifeline used up. Just hurtling downhill and I was lucky to escape the worst of it. 

Phil and Melissa, on the other hand, had a rain/snow storm to battle downhill.

After that, the weather was mostly good for the rest.

On the second peak I caught up with the NZ/German couple from the church in Dayville. 

What a coincidence. We talked for a while they once again put on full rain gear as it was a bit gray at the time. Then I rode on.

Arrives in Baker City, buys coke and snickers at a gas station, rolls into town and meets the escort car and waits for the others.

Then we ate Mexican.

A pleasant evening with a bonfire, many many pleasant stories told, and pizza, which set off the fire alarm in the house before bedtime.

Wednesday 15/6 Day 11:

Baker City- T Ranch, Hereford. 62.6 km.

Phil started the day by making American pancakes with blue corn for breakfast. Then he and Melissa rolled off north while we sadly said our goodbyes and rolled south towards Ontario (Oregon). Headwind which then changed to uphill when we turned off. 

At 1811 m above sea level we finally reached the real summit and thereafter a wonderful descent.

But where would we sleep? Which road would we take towards Ontario? 

We asked a woman in a house and choose, according to her, the best route over the shortest. 

However, the sleeping problem remained unsolved.

A guy on a horse might know a good place? 

Yes, his family owned all the land around so he called his dad and we had a tent site for the night. Perfect. A bit windy and cold but still. Free is good.

Thursday 16/6 Day 12:

T Ranch Hereford-Vale. 25.8 km.

A day that started strong but then it cracked a bit after we ate lunch. We sat down by the side of the road and collectively broke down. Then a truck swerved to the edge of the road and asked if it was ok. Obvious answer: No.

Josh and Nikki were the ones who drove past us, then turned around to check the situation. 

They took our bikes and us to Vale in their truck.

"You shouldn't have to set up the tent, we have a guestroom, you can sleep there".

Said and done. A pleasant evening with wonderful barbecue and talk about this and that. 

They were "arms advocates" and showed part of their arsenal and also a "secret room" where they kept these. Most collectible weapon. But everyone was loaded…..

It's a necessity these days was their argument.

Friday 17/6 Day 13:

Vale-Idaho-New Plymouth. 47.4 km.

Josh started the day by making a hearty breakfast while we watched the Big Bang Theory and drank coffee on the sofa.

Then we sorted ourselves and equipment and cycled off towards Ontario. We ate and shopped there before crossing the border into a new state. Idaho here we come.

We landed at Kiwanis Park in New Plymouth. Everything was super. Except that the public restrooms were not so public but LOCKED!! What were they thinking?!?

Saturday 18/6 Day 14:

New Plymouth-Boise. 85.8 km.

A super day on the bikes, despite a puncture just outside a drag racing competition.

We ended up in Emmett and in the middle of the 87th Cherry festival which we walked through to get to…McDonalds. First visit there on the trip.

Then came a hefty hill. We paused at a memorial for fallen Americans in wars and 9-11.

We sped into Eagle where we were blessed as we paused outside the Christian church.

Rode on a cycle path called Greenbelt and looked for a tent site. We ended up in a hotel in downtown Boise as the campground on the outskirts was occupied.

måndag 19 september 2022

Diary of a cycle tour. Day 1-7

I tried to write something every day during this adventure. 

Like a diary. 

No juicy details though. I think. 

Take it for what it is. 

Here comes day 1-7:

Sunday 5/6 Day 1:

Oregon: Portland-Cascade Locks. 74.1 km.

A rainy day off and on. We rode east via Wallmart, Home Depot to find propane but no luck so we rolled on out of Portland. Lunch at Arbey's. Nice chat with Mark Norman who was of Norwegian heritage at a viewpoint. He talked about astronomy and geology. Via waterfalls we reached Cascade Locks where we decided on a hotel after a wet and hilly day.

Monday 6/6 Day 2:

Cascade Locks-Washington State-Oregon-Celilo Park. 75.6 km.

We started the day by cycling over a horrible metal bridge into Washington State, on which you were able too see straight down into the water. Great for a guy with fear of heights. Max heart rate immediately. Then cruise in tailwind past White Salmon and on to The Dalles where we intended to camp in a State Park next to a State Trooper station but they didn't think it was a safe place because of tricky people at night. We were then given a ride by a Trooper who had just left his shift about 14 km to Celilo Park next to the Columbia River. A lovely night shelter.

Tuesday 7/6 Day 3:

Celilo Park-Cottonwood Canyon. 51.6 km.

Continuing with a tailwind until we turned off onto a smaller road. Then it also started to go uphill. The whole day was a fight to the top. When we reached it, it was 8km of AMAZING downhill cycling to the most amazing campsite I've slept at. Off-grid (no cellphone coverage) and nice facilities. If it had been a cloudless night, you would have been able to lie down and look up at the stars and just enjoy life.

Wednesday 8/6 Day 4:

Cottonwood Canyon-Condon. 53.9 km.

Downhill at the end yesterday, uphill at the start of the day today. 14 km!!

Then it was hilly all the way to Condon, but nice downhill at the end.

Decided to free-camp in the city park. But had food and then we changed our minds and switched to a campsite at the other end of town. Of course was free too :-)

Thursday 9/6 Day 5:

Condon-Bear Hollow County Park. 45.2 km.

Into "deepest" Oregon, we cycled downhill 10 miles and then uphill, passed the village of Fossil, had Pork chop with mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. Good. Shopped a little.

Stayed as solo guests and slept at Bear Hollow County Park campground.

Friday 10/6 Day 6:

Bear Hollow County Park-Dayville. 55.1 km.

Don't remember much of this day until Dayville. Veronika knew there was a church open to cyclists with showers, laundry, food and sleeping facilities.

The last 30 km we were driven by a French couple who picked up us tired cyclists in their truck. Luckily I sat on the flatbed and kept track of the bikes so Veronika had to keep up the sparse conversation in the truck :-)))

Shortly after the city border where we were dropped off, the pastor in said church shouted at us and pointed us to the church. He was going to soccer practice.

A nice couple from New Zealand/Germany and a woman from California were already there.

Got to know each other and had food.

They slept inside and we outside in tents. Played yatzy to finish. Rainy night. Should have put the bike inside.

Saturday 11/6 Day 7:

Resting at Community Church, Dayville.

Had breakfast, the couple would cycle on despite the rain, in full gear. The rest of us "sat tight" and took a rest day. The woman from Cali had problems with one eye and was possibly going to the doctor on Monday. Rest for the three of us. Took a few short walks through the village. Took 5 minutes back and forth. Ate a poor hamburger at one of two places that were available. The waitress was armed. Ended the evening with yatzy.

söndag 28 augusti 2022

Statistik för den nördige

Vecka 1:

Söndag 5/6 Dag 1: 

Oregon: Portland-Cascade Locks. 74,1 km.

Måndag 6/6 Dag 2: 

Cascade Locks-Washington State-Oregon-Celilo Park. 75,6 km.

Tisdag 7/6 Dag 3: 

Celilo Park-Cottonwood Canyon. 51,6 km.

Onsdag 8/6 Dag 4: 

Cottonwood Canyon-Condon. 53,9 km.

Torsdag 9/6 Dag 5: 

Condon-Bear Hollow County Park. 45,2 km.

Fredag 10/6 Dag 6: 

Bear Hollow County Park-Dayville. 55,1 km.

Lördag 11/6 Dag 7: 

Vila på Community Church, Dayville.

Sammanlagt vecka 1: 355,5 km

(355,5 km).

Vecka 2:

Söndag 12/6 Dag 8: 

Dayville-John Day. 49,9 km.

Måndag 13/6 Dag 9: 

John Day-Prairie City. 22 km.

Tisdag 14/6 Dag 10: 

Prairie City-Baker City. 107 km.

Onsdag 15/6 Dag 11: 

Baker City- T Ranch, Hereford. 62,6 km.

Torsdag 16/6 Dag 12: 

T Ranch Hereford-Vale. 25,8 km.

Fredag 17/6 Dag 13: 

Vale-Idaho-New Plymouth. 47,4 km.

Lördag 18/6 Dag 14: 

New Plymouth-Boise. 85,8 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 2: 400,5 km

(756 km).

Vecka 3:

Söndag 19-Tisdag 21/6 Dag 15-18:

Måndag 20/6 Dag 17: 26,2 km.

Vilodagar Boise.

Onsdag 22/6 Dag 19: 

Boise-Ten Mile Campground. 77,8 km.

Torsdag 23/6 Dag 20: 

Ten Mile Campground-Stanley. 135,72 km.

Fredag 24/6 Dag 21:

Stanley-Challis. 94,02 km.

Lördag 25/6 Dag 22: 

Challis-Arco. 130,59 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 3: 464,33 km

(1220,33 km).

Vecka 4:

Söndag 26/6:

Vilodag i Arco.

Måndag 27/6:

Arco-Rexburg. 149,4 km.

Tisdag 28/6:

Rexburg-Wyoming-Jackson (Hole). 131,52 km.

Onsdag 29/6:

Jackson (Hole)-Dubois. 146,88 km.

Torsdag 30/6:

Dubois-Shoshoni. 160,02 km.

Fredag 1/7:

Shoshoni-Casper. 158,48 km.

Lördag 2/7:

Casper-Midwest. 69,77 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 4: 816,07 km 

(2036,4 km).

Vecka 5:

Måndag 4/7: 

Buffalo-Gillette. 156,12 km.

Tisdag 5/7:

Gillette-Hulett. 112,57 km.

Onsdag 6/7:

Spearfish-Keystone 114,96 km.

Torsdag 7/7: 

Vilodag Keystone.

Fredag 8/7:

Keystone-Cedar Pass. 166,45 km.

Lördag 9/7:

Cedar Pass-Cottonwood. 77,68 km.

Söndag 10/7:

Cottonwood-Murdo. 100,62 km. 

Sammanlagt vecka 5: 728,4 km 

(2764,8 km).

Vecka 6:

Måndag 11/7:

Murdo-Fort Thompson. 120,25 km.

Tisdag 12/7:

Fort Thompson-Snake Creek. 116,13 km.

Onsdag 13/7: 

Snake Creek-Randall Creek. 110,5 km.

Torsdag 14/7: 

Randall Creek-Lewis & Clark Recreation Area.

122,2 km.

Fredag 15/7: 

Lewis & Clark Recreation Area-Sioux City.

126,93 km.

Lördag 16/7: Vilodag.

Söndag 17/7:

Sioux City-Missouri Valley.

139,01 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 6: 735,02 km (2903,81 km).

Vecka 7:

Måndag 18/7: 

Missouri Valley-Council Bluffs.

51,64 km.

Tisdag-Lördag vilodagar. 

Sammanlagt vecka 7: 51,64 km (2955,54 km).

Vecka 8:

Söndag 24/7: 

Sergeant Bluff-Ida Grove.

90,1 km.

Måndag 25/7:

Ida Grove-Pocahontas.

113,74 km.

Tisdag 26/7:


96,92 km.

Onsdag 27/7:

Emmetsburg-Mason City.

163,47 km.

Torsdag 28/8:

Mason City-Charles City.

76,47 km.

Fredag 29/8: Charles City-West Union.

103,86 km.

Lördag 30/8:

West Union-Lansing-Prairie du Chien.

164,52 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 8: 809,35 km (3 764,89 km).

Vecka 9:

Söndag 31/7:

Prairie du Chien-Avoca.

84,13 km.

Måndag 1/8:


109,75 km.

Tisdag 2/8:

Vilodag Madison.

Onsdag 3/8:


151,36 km.

Torsdag 4/8:

Muskegon (färja från Milwaukee)-Grand Rapids.

74,74 km.

Fredag 5/8:

Grand Rapids-Howell.

178,5 km.

Lördag 6/8:


109,16 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 9: 707,64 km

(4 472,53 km)

Vecka 10:

Söndag 7/8:

Detroit-Shiloh campground.

104,5 km.

Måndag 8/8:

Shiloh campground-London, Ontario.

130,75 km.

Tisdag 9/8: 

Vilodag i London, Ontario.

Onsdag 10/8:


96,82 km.

Torsdag 11/8:

Brantford-Niagara Falls.

120,57 km

Fredag 12/8:

Niagara Falls-Buffalo.

69,72 km.

Lördag 13/8:


64,04 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 10: 586,22 km.(4577,03 km)

Vecka 11:

Söndag 14/8.

Buffalo-Sheridan Bay Park.

52,3 km.

Måndag 15/8:

Sheridan Bay Park-Buffalo.

89,02 km.

Tisdag 16/8:

Vilodag i Buffalo.

Onsdag 17/8:


160,95 km.

Torsdag 18/8:

Rochester-Rivers Crossing Campground.

106,71 km.

Fredag 19/8:

Rivers Crossing Campground-Syracuse.

68,09 km.

Lördag 20/8:

Syracuse-Fort Plain.

152,69 km.

Söndag 21/8:

Fort Plain-Waterford.

111,39 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 11: 741,15 km 

(5318,18 km)

Vecka 12:

Måndag 22/8:


35,63 km.

Tisdag 23/8:

Albany-Camp Catskille.

50,29 km.

Onsdag 24/8:

Camp Catskille-Kingston.

64,21 km.

Torsdag 25/8:


120,31 km. 

Fredag 26/8.


59,61 km.

Lördag 27/8:

Yonkers-Battery Park.

61,35 km.

Lördag 27/8:

Central Park:

31,64 km.

Sammanlagt vecka 12: 423,07 km. 

(5741,25 km)

måndag 8 augusti 2022

”Bara” upploppet kvar

Dagens cykeltur.  Den var något att skriva hem om. Upptäckte punktering 1 när jag skulle lämna campingen. Fixade den, trodde jag. Men efter 500 m pös luften ur igen. Punktering 2. Jag hade ändå felsökt enligt konstens alla regler. 

Nu får någon annan ordna det åt mig tänkte jag och började traska (i regn) mot cykelaffären jag googlat som låg ca 6 km bort och som öppnade kl 9. Enligt Google iaf. I verkligheten var den inte öppen och ägaren svarade inte på mobilen. Jag fick helt enkelt felsöka igen och till slut kände jag en pyyyyyytteliten metalltråd som stack fram pyyyyyttelite. Men tillräckligt för att punktera slangarna. Problemet löst och dags att cykla. 

Förutom den extremt trevlige gränspolisen igår och tanten jag pratade med under lunchen idag har Kanada inte imponerat hittills. Vägrenarna på vägarna jag cyklat idag t ex är grus….det lämnar mig som cyklist att cykla på vägbanan med hopp om att motortrafiken visar hänsyn. Vilket de till stor del gjort, men ändå. 

Som sagt, ”bara” upploppet, 1020 km kvar att cykla ungefärligt efter dagens cykeltur. 19 dagar tills jag ska vara i NYC. I teorin en smal sak, men då gäller det såklart att håll sig på vägen, se till att cykeln är i stridsdugligt skick samt sköta mat, dryck och energiintag ordentligt så kroppen håller ihop. 

Mina ”plast-föräldrar” här i USA, Phil & Cathy, befinner sig just nu på USA-sidan av Erie-sjön som jag är på kanadensiska sidan av. En plan är att möta upp de en gång till innan jag viker av mot NYC. Andra planer finns också. We’ll see.

Plan 1 just nu är att jag vill ta mig tillbaka till USA så snart jag kan. Om inget annat kul uppenbarar sig. Vilket det haft en förmåga att göra under den här cykelturern hittills. 

onsdag 27 juli 2022

Skyltar del 2

För några inlägg sedan var det skylttema.

Här kommer två skyltar till.

Från South Dakota. 

Väldigt rakt på sak.

Tuff tuff låter tåget

O jag tuffar på jag med. Den blå pricken på kartan har rört sig en bit sedan början av juni. 

Just nu befinner jag mig i Iowa och cyklar något som heter RAGBRAI. Det är en tidning som startade ett lopp som varje år går väst-öst genom Iowa. Det sägs att det är världens största årligen återkommande cykellopp över flera dagar.                                 

Jag fick frågan av mina amerikanska ”plast-föräldrar” som jag cyklat med i snart en månad om jag ville cykla loppet med deras team, ”La Lanterne Rouge”, med egen teambuss, förbokade boenden (samt fri dryck och snacks😁) etc.                                              

”Såklart jag vill, vad kostar det?” frågade jag. - Ingenting, svarade de, mitt företag sponsrar dig, här får du en team-tröja.     

 Amerikaner är mycket för worlds best, biggest etc men i det här fallet är jag benägen att hålla med. Det är galet många cyklister. Då menar jag GALET många!!! Någonstans mellan 20-30000 anmälda, men sen är det de som inte är anmälda som cyklar ändå, vilket är ok! Vissa dagar sägs det att det är uppemot 100 000 cyklister på banan. Sanslöst! Det betyder ju även att cykelvanan bland cyklisterna varierar så det gäller att vara uppmärksam på vad som händer framför en. 

Hittills har det vart en fantastisk vecka. Fin cykling, kul cykling. Målet med den här resan är inte att cykla så fort som möjligt, men de senaste två dagarna har jag cyklat med två killar i teamet, Ben och Brian, och vi har dammat på bra alltså. Har lyckats hänga med (utan packning) och samtidigt haft väldigt trevligt. Idag väntar längsta dagen, 166 km. Vi startar tidigt pga solen och värmen och att ev kunna undvika så många andra cyklister som möjligt, även om många säkert kommer försöka starta tidigt pga distansen. 

Nu ska jag koka mig en tallrik gröt, packa ihop allt och lasta på bussen.