onsdag 20 november 2019

Physical setbacks a k a coughing and snoring


Yes, it’s that time if the year when getting hit by various bugs and viruses is unavoidable(?).
So the plan to work on some basic fitness have been forced to be put back a couple of weeks. (Even the blogging has suffered the last two weeks.)

But STILL! The commuting by bicycle is ongoing despite this!
Every day, today was day 70 (well, almost every day, unfortuntely had to use the car to work for 3 days since August).

Creating a habit of just get up and ride the bike despite what the body tells you, whatever the weather throws at you, will be vital once the big ride across the USA is underway. This idea of creating habits is also scientifically proved:

Old Habits Die Hard. This is because the area of the brain where many habits are formed, called the basal ganglia, remembers pathways that nerves fire on. ... This is one reason why habits can be so difficult to break: even after years, the right trigger will set a broken habitpattern into motion.

onsdag 6 november 2019

Hunger flat/Hungerhammare...

Do as Bauke Mollema and my brother, eat regularly
to avoid getting hunger flat.

...is another name for getting very VERY hungry while out (or indoors for that matter) cycling.
Today it happened to me when I instructed a cycling class at the gym.
It´s not pleasant at all to feel all the power you have in your legs and body disappear in just a few seconds and sometimes almost getting dizzy.

I imagine while riding 5000 km across America there will be plenty of opportunities to have hungerflats if we don´t eat and drink properly. 

If that happens here at home, the proper way to deal with it is to turn around and go back home as quickly as possible and refill on energy.
Or...if you´re not very close to home, stop at the nearest store and buy a fair amount of Coca-Cola and candy and just eat like there is no tomorrow.
Or..as today, if you´re indoors I got rescued by a kind participant who handed me a bar right after the class ended. THANK YOU!

BUT, what if it happens in the middle of....let´s say Nebraska...what the heck do we do??
Well, we will for sure carry food on our bikes and a lot of snacks (with a lot of sugar in it), just to avoid those scary moments when you feel all your strength just fade away.
So to just stop and have a feast of whatever we can put in our mouths will be top priority.

And from what I´ve learnt about our route through the US so far, there won´t be many parts where food and snacks will be unaivalable. The areas we will ride through will be populated, maybe not like here in Sweden but we will (I think) pass cities or villages almost every day.
Otherwise we´ll just carry enough until next opportunity to re-stock.

Though, even if we carry enough food, eating it on a regular basis is also (of course) a priority.
Waiting until you feel hungry and...BOOOM....the hunger flat might be coming.

söndag 27 oktober 2019

It´s all ´bout the....

Or is it on an cyclingadventure like this? Naahh...it will all be about having as much fun as possible of course!

And naaahh again if you ask this guy as well, which I did on Facebook yesterday:

"You COULD do it on 10-15 dollars a day. That's IF you are very frugal. You could do it for nothing really if you ate from dumpsters. It's been done."

Well, not really how we plan to do it. 
And not doing it by splashing out hundreds of dollars on hotels and eating out at restaurants every week either.

We plan on cooking most breakfasts and evening meals by ourselves and camp for free or as cheap as possible to keep spendings down.
But without being greedy to the absurd. A night or two in a hotel won´t do any harm and on-bike-meals will probably be had at the closest "establishment" possible. The daily dose of Coca-Cola will also dig a whole (at least in) my wallet.

Well, budget-wise, I think for the moment, with 20-ish months left, we´ll go with the simple advice from a famous Swedish adventurer: "Start saving", and keep looking for good advice.

Probably we will be enlightened in the end, like we will be by this light on dark nights in the tent.


onsdag 23 oktober 2019

New design and links to interesting peoole

Some changes done last night in the tired haze after a 12 hour working day, two bike rides and a 3 km walk.
Changed the theme to a proper one for this kind of adventure.
I also added links to some very inspiring people whose blogs are well worth a visit.
Got any blogs/vlogs/sites you think I should add? Tell me!

A challenge me and my colleague took on right after our vacation ended was to start commuting to work by bicycle. Our aim was to keep riding until another colleague started working after her parental leave ended, on what I thought was October 31st....apparently it was Oct. 1st😁
But I’m still riding. Today was day 52/59. Next friday the challenge ends but it’s possible I’ll keep riding....
Good to build some character for the US adventure I guess.

Btw, here’s a photo of me and my girlfriend and companion on the bicycle ride across America.
She rode 5 km last night.
One second I was so tempted to say ”Add 999 rides like that and then you’re across the US.”
I kept my mouth shut though!

måndag 21 oktober 2019

Internet..what a thing, and camping...in my own livingroom!

I´m so glad that the Swedish government official Ines Uusman who (or was it the journalist who wanted a smashing headline?), back in the 90´s in an interview branded internet as a temporary phenomenon that would soon disappear, was wrong. 

Otherwise I´m not sure this bicycleride across america would ever have come to my mind.....at least, my guess is that the thought of it would´ve been a lot less likely to appear.

I mean, without the internet we wouldn´t have stumbled across Ryan Van Duzer´s DuzerTV with the awesome videos who really made and impression and had this crazy idea take shape.
You can also say what you want about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but I´ve hooked up with several experienced cyclists on those "channels" that is helping out with useful tips and tricks.

So, what else has happened since my last post....well, one thing I did last week was to put up the tent, in my own livingroom. It was really easy both to set up and then disassemble.
As I had it standing there I thought, why not sleep in it tonight...so I spent the night camping....in my own livingroom. 
Now it´s almost time to go to sleep...in bed this time though :-)


söndag 13 oktober 2019

Contemplation and clothing sponsor

Watching the Youtube clips that made the thought of crossing USA on a bicycle enter my head and I´m thinking....what is happening?!?
One thing is to decide an early morning last august to go by car to Jönköping and ride all alone around Vättern (300 km).
Now we´re going to go across a whole continent with all that comes with it.
We and the bikes has to get there, we´re gonna bike 5000 km-ish, all of them within a time limit of 90 days.
But when something like this has gone this far into my mind, why hesitate? 
Just Do It they said?

Well, some times doubts also enters my mind.
One moment it seems like a great and fantastic idea and the other second you think of everything that can go wrong. (But what the heck! Up to this point in 2019 I´ve ridden almost 10000 km with, what I can recall, only one flat tire, one broken front derailleur and no crashes. 

The worst thing I can come up with is (besides some mechanical failure) sitting in a puddle of mud in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska eating black beans and soaking wet tortillas.
But hey, then at least we´ll have a view of a lifetime to remember.

Surely it´s mostly gonna be 20-30 degrees C and riding a bicycle in that weather is awesome. Especially as I´m entitled to drink 50 cl of Coke every 50 km...or is it every 100 km?
Whatever....it´s gonna be great fun cause my girlfriend Veronika is joining me...and it´ll be GREAT!
Right now she thinks riding 5 km is a challenge but with the mindset she has when it comes to sports and games she´ll be doing just fine! 

Check her blog on https://nouw.com/visstkanjag 

Ah yeah...clothing sponsor it was. Just some details left as it is called.
Then there will be more info but it sure is going to be a cool co-op. 

Some more sponsorships/co-operations is also about to be worked out in the future.

Got any good ideas, prospositions, or just feel like following this "project", we´re on social media.




söndag 6 oktober 2019

TWO sleepingbags?!

Well...what am I supposed to do with two sleepingbags?!
I am tall....but am I tall enough to be in need of two bags?
Nope! I am not! The reason is that I get a companion on the ride across the continent.
And not any company, my girlfriend Veronika will join forces with me on this adventure.

Link to her blog: https://nouw.com/visstkanjag

She’s not that experienced in cycling but with 20 months still to go and a competitive mind out of this world she sure as h*** is going to make it.
Gonna be awesome!!👍